The Center For Higher Knowledge



we are pleased to welcome you  
the center for higher knowledge

The Center For Higher Knowledge

is established to work for the universal change 

the time has come to bring back Humanity to it's origins of balance.

it is time for the new paradigm & to bring out the truth

It is time to re-establish every single heart
& planet Earth

This is the goal for the whole of humanity
.We are offering our knowledge & compassion for making that happen.

- Tanya & Michael Aprile

Vision & purpose

in this moment a huge change is manifesting on planet Earth. we are moving forward from one of the darkest periods in history.
The whole universe is rising to a higher level of consciousness.

you might experience that as a longing for the unknown, want to change your life, mental/physical discomfort, restlessness, breakdown of life etc..

  Now the time has come to heal our world from sufferance & violence, where People are getting
physically and mentally ill more than ever.

  where Our Planet Earth & The nature are suffering like never seen before.

the time has come to heal the wounds in every single heart, so Compassion and Love can shine through again.  

 it is time for Humanity to walk hand in hand to reach the goal of a balanced world.

Our Teachings

Our spiritual teaching contains all the elements needed to re-establish the essence

of each and every human being.

The Spiritual teaching is given through:




dance therapy

diet & health consultancy

nature and culture tours

private therapy Sessions with healing. clairvoyance & regression

Lectures on Spirituality, The New paradigm, Health/Diet

The Retreats

We have combined all our teachings in Exclusive Spiritual Retreats

& chosen 3 outstanding locations where the Retreats are taking place:

Tuscany, Italy ~  Copenhagen Denmark ~ Goa, India

We have chosen the destinations out of their absolute unique capacities to support the process.
Everything in the surroundings are supporting and uplifting the resources for re-education.

we look forward to see you in the center for higher knowledge.

~ Tanya & Michael Aprile ~