The Center For Higher Knowledge

Spiritual wellness in Tuscany Italy & Goa India                                
Tanya & Michael Aprile

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Our vison is to show you the  way into your inner stillness 
& help you to re-connect to your heart.
We welcome you into a sacred space of  spiritual wellness, where complete de-stress, soul-seeking & higher knowledge meet each other.
The Center For Higher Knowledge is established to work for the universal peace.
When everybody is re-connected in their hearts , the world is 
in peace!
Our concept
Our concept brings the essence of "east & west" together. 
We, Tanya & Michael Aprile have spent our life devoted to develop a complete & unique knowledge to inspire you to immerse into the essence of yourself & your heart - to balance your spiritual well-being.
Our teachings are a unique combination of physical, mental & spiritual practice to balance your body, mind and soul.
We have a long life experience in guiding people in their awaking process. 
Retreat destinations
We welcome  you at our 2 amazing retreat destinations,where everything in the surroundings are supporting & upflifting the resources for you to re-connect to the source of your heart & the everlasting joy within.

Tuscany, Italy : medieval village with luxury spa hotel, healing hot springs all sorrunded by the Tuscan hills  April - November

Goa, India : the land of spirituality, right on the beach with indian atmosphere & "western" standars  November - April

Who can come to us
We welcome everybody regardless age & life-sitation
We welcome you as as single traveller, groups, buisnesses. families etc 

We look much forward to meet you for a life-changing experience!      
~ Tanya & Michael Aprile