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I am saddened by human unconsciousness but inspired by human kindness.

Overwhelmed with both the beauty & tragedy of our world and committed to work for the change.

I have always had a deep hunger to know & understand the Universe and its laws. 

Therefore I have spent my life studying spirituality and esoteric philsophies.

I have as well lived in different countries during my studies to gain deeper knowledge.

Naturally one of the countries I have spent a lot of time in for my studies, is the land of spirituality itself - India.

..and also in India is where I met my wife Tanya.

It's natural for me to share my knowledge and offer a very different take on who we are and why we are here.

I trust you enjoy my work. It is offered to help you grow and develop your own Soul Path beautifully. 

I am born in Rome in Italy.

I live now partly in Bagno Vignoni - Tuscany Italy, partly in Denmark and in Goa India with my wife Tanya and our son Shami.

I teach in english, italian, german and french.  


- Michael -

 Instructor for the new paradigm, Diet-health-life consultant, meditation teacher, tantra teacher, tour expert

I have spent my life walking The Path Of The Heart, for finding back to the origins of balance.

The origins of balance is the source of infinite love, freedom, wisdom & peace which is dwelling deep inside all of us.

That source can be named in many ways e.g. Your higher self, The Universal source, The Omnipresent Power, The highest level of Consciousness, The Source, The God Energy, or simple God.

The essence of everybody & everything is that source.

My deep longing for finding back to that source in my heart, took me on the path to study, practice & experience the universal laws

Naturally I have spent a lot of time in the land of spirituality 

itself  - India for my studies about God, the Universe, yoga & meditation.

...and also in India is where I met my husband Michael.

As a result I have today always My Spiritual Master by my side and I am a channel of that source - of God. Together we offer you healing and guidance to help you safely further on your path back to the orginis of love and balance within yourself. 

I am specialized in the Spiritual teaching ,Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Dance therapy, Healing & Clairvoyance.

I wish with all my heart that everybody one day will have the longing for finding back to the origins of balance within. This is the real and only purpose of our incarnation on this planet.

If you decide to walk the path within your heart and to practice the path with the deep surrender of your soul and constant focus towards God, it will certainly take you to the shore of release, peace and deep happiness. It is my pleasure to show you the way.
I am born in Denmark. I live now partly in Bagno Vignoni -Tuscany Italy, partly in Denmark and in Goa India with my husband Michael and our son Shami.
I teach in danish, english and some italian.

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Spiritual teacher,channel of God, yogi

Yoga, meditation, healing, clairvoyance, tantra & Dance Therapy