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A Spiritual Journey Within Your Heart                           
Tanya & Michael Aprile ~ Tuscany Italy & Goa India


About us

We - Tanya and Michael Aprile is an danish/italian couple, blessed with our 2 children Shami & Ru.

We have spent our life devoted to develop a complete & unique knowledge to inspire you to immerse into the essence of yourself - to balance your spiritual well-being. 
We have life long experience with helping people in the awakening process. People have seeked us from all over the world, coming with many different life-situations: as serious life threatened diseases, physical & psychological body diseases,  death-experiences, stress related diseases, health/diet diseases, couple family/children  related work.

Michael: I am born in Rome, Italy, where I lived many years until I moved to Bagno Vignoni Tuscany, Italy because of its unique peaceful energy.
I always had a strong longing to know & understand the Universe and its laws. Therefore I have spent my life studying spirituality and esoteric philsophies.
I have as well lived in different countries during my studies to gain deeper knowledge.
It's natural for me to share my knowledge and offer a very different take on who we are and why we are here. 
I trust you enjoy my work. It is offered to help you grow and develop your own Soul Path beautifully. 

Tanya:  I am born in Denmark, and lived many years in Copenhagen before I met Michael.
I wish to inspire & support you with my knowledge & love to walk the path within your heart.
My own path: I always have had a deep longing for finding back to that source of God in my heart. A longing to find a solution to help myself & humanity to heal on all levels. I have spent as well spent a lot of time in India for seeking the higher spiritual Energy.
 A combination of longing and deep faith took me on the path to study & follow the Divine Energy - & to experience the universal wisdom and it's laws. 
As a result, today I always have the God Energy by my side, and using that capacity to advise and heal people.

........And India, Goa on the beach where we both were seeking deeper spiritual knowledge, was where we met, where our love story began .
Naturally the 2 destinations for our retreats are in Tuscany, Italy and Goa India.

We look much forwaed to meet you!
Tanya & Michael Aprile