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A Spiritual Journey Within Your Heart                           
Tanya & Michael Aprile ~ Tuscany Italy & Goa India


Clairvoyance Therapy
Healing ~ Clairvoyance ~ Therapy ~ Regression
with Tanya

As a clairvoyant, therapist & healer of the universal God energy, I am connecting to this higher dimension to guide you on your soul path.

With love & clairity I am helping you to resolve physical & psychological pain by finding their origins, and helping you to release them. 

We will if necessary go back to previous times in this life or other lives.

I can answer questions you might have about your life, what direction to go and choices to make – e.g. life purpose, partner, family, job etc.

You will in a session receive a healing and be guided into your heart to 


You will experience a new path and new openings for your life.

You will  receive tools to walk your path further on.

Private sessions & skype sessions  ~ I look forward to show you the way!