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rivate sessions & skype sessions
with tanya

As a healer & a channel of the God Consciousness I am connecting to this higher dimension and guiding you on your soul path.

I am helping you to resolve physical & psychological pain by finding their origins, and helping you to release them. 

We will if necessary go back to previous times in this life or other lives.

I can answer questions you might have about your life, what direction to go and choices to make – e.g. life purpose, partner, family, job etc.

You will in a session receive a healing where I work with my hands on your body, and guide you into your heart to re-connect.

You will learn how to meditate and receive tools to walk your spiritual path further on.

You will leave the session with more calmness, clearness and deeper understanding of yourself and your soul path.

price: Private session or Skype session 1h 30min: 200 Euro   

 more info/ book a session: Click here 

I am happy to arrange private sessions around the world