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Tanya & Michael Aprile ~ Tuscany Italy & Goa India


Health & Diet Consultancy
with Michael

I am pleased to show you a healthy way of living.
After years of research and through applying what I learnt to my own life. It is my belief that being able to lead a happy life, free from disease, is easy to attain. 

As a naturopath I am offering you a complete knowledge to guide you into a healthy lifestyle with a diet that provides the right balance for you.

I can help you finding the way to heal diseases of physical, psychological and psychosomatic origins

Also to guide you about:
What do we have to know about meat & proteins
Understanding the correct diet for the human being
How to raise healthy vegetarian/vegan babies/children
instructions on detoxification, behaviour  & nutrition
Private consultancy ~ Skype sessions ~ Group classes

Disclaimer: the basic purpose of my mission is purely educational and informative.