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with michael

      "No wealth, no power, no youth, no fame has the same value 
       as vibrant physical and spiritual health."

i am pleased to show you a healthy way of living. 
What do we have to know about meat & proteins

Understanding the correct diet for the human being
How to raise healthy vegetarian/vegan babies/children

instructions on detoxification, behaviour  & nutrition

The only one way to fight and prevent diseases stays in a cheap and incredible solution. 
All we have to do is knocking at the door of our internal Great Pilot, called Immune System, 
by far the best doctor on the planet, and ask HIM to do his own job.

the alternative is clear for everybody. We must choose if staying with health or with disease.
My urgent message towards today’s people is to change drastically the way of eating.
Change your way, change your system, change your method of eating.

After years of research and through applying what I learnt to my own life. It's my belief that being able to lead a happy life that is free from disease is easy to attain. The way that we are brought up has meant that we've lost track of the truth and its my win to change this.

The word ‘diet’ actually comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘a mode of living’. Perhaps it is time to go back to that original derivation and see our diet as something far more holistic, as a whole way of approaching life and health.

The nutritional analphabetism, is the one that makes you undervalue and underestimate some basic principles, that brings you to eat anything contradicting and offending the precise logic and design of your own organism.
that leads you to go against the precise disposition of the creator, and at the same time against your own physical-mental-spiritual interests.


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 Disclaimer: the basic purpose of my mission is purely educational and informative.