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Yoga as a Spiritual Path - An introduction of my path – By Spiritual Teacher & Yogi Teacher Tanya Aprile 

I started this incarnation in Denmark, where also my Yoga path took off. The guideline trough my whole incarnation was a deep longing for finding back to the origins of love within myself. The space within where infinite love, peace, wisdom and freedom exist…in other words The Light, The Highest Level of Consciousness that is GOD. 

In the beginning of my path in this incarnation, I did not know that it was GOD I was longing for. I knew that where “I was within” was not where I wanted to be. I felt a deep loneliness, my body was suffering, and I felt a lot of limitations. Therefore I started from my early years of life to study, to purify and then experience step by step the deeper part of myself. …And then… God put me “into the hands” of Yoga…and a new chapter of my spiritual path began. 

During my years of studying and practicing Yoga, I had to face many emotions… how many emotional and physical “blocks” I had to transform. My God, how many times I have suffered and struggled. How many times I wanted to leave the Yoga and never go back. But my deep longing and my previous experiences made me continue practicing my Yoga with deep prayers, deep meditation and surrender to GOD. By transforming again and again and again the emotional and physical “blocks”, I went a step deeper within My Heart. I discovered that this combination was an unique tool to walk The Path Within My Heart. I discovered step by step more and more of GOD. 

My Yoga practice and my longing for going deeper within, took me around to meet and experience different Yoga directions and teachers. Most of all, my heart was always drawn to India, and a big part of my spiritual studies and Yoga practice took place there. India is the center of spirituality itself. For studying Yoga and the spiritual path, India is a strong and solid support. 

Since the doors of Yoga have opened to me, it has been a deep dedication and the practice has been a daily part of my life. I find it deeply supportive and a necessary tool for my spiritual growth. Yoga is for me a deep spiritual practice that goes hand in hand with a spiritual life philosophy that includes all aspects of existence. 

My teaching is focused on The Spiritual Path – The Path Of The Heart, and My Yoga is practiced in a sequence of dynamic postures that has its origins in the old Indian Yoga tradition. The Yoga teaching is combined with the deep practice of Meditation. 

Together with my husband we offer Exclusive Spiritual Yoga Retreats in 3 unique outstanding locations: Goa India, Tuscany Italy & Copenhagen Denmark. The Retreats are Unique Experiences where the focus is on the Spiritual Path through Yoga & Meditation, as well Dance Therapy, Conferences, Tours & Beach (In India), Spa ( In Italy), Culture (in Denmark). The Retreats are taking people deeper into their Spiritual Path. Leaving them with more happiness, calmness and deeper understanding of themselves. 

Through my studies of The Spiritual Path, I have as well developed my capacities as a Clairvoyant & Healer, where I help people further on their path through Guidance & Therapy.

I wish with all my heart that everybody one day will have that longing for finding back to GOD within. This is the real and only purpose of our incarnation on this planet. If you decide to walk the path within your heart and to practice Yoga & Meditation with the deep surrender of your soul and constant focus towards God, it will certainly take you to the shore of release, peace and deep happiness. It is my pleasure to show you the way. 

Written By: Tanya Aprile ~ Spiritual Teacher & Yogi Founder with her husband Michael Aprile of The Center For Higher Knowledge, which work is to inform and guide people further on The Spiritual Path. 
Tanya & Michael are offering Exclusive Spiritual Yoga Retreats in Goa, India, Tuscany, Italy & Copenhagen, Denmark 
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