The Center For Higher Knowledge

A Spiritual Journey Within Your Heart                           
Tanya & Michael Aprile ~ Tuscany Italy & Goa India


                                               Spiritual Meditation
                                                                                            with Tanya & Michael        

We are pleased to welcome you to our spiritual Meditation.

W will guide you into spiritual meditation, and pass you the tools to "walk" the straight way into the stillness of your heart,

Tanya, will always channel the words & energy that is given in the present moment of her master, 

Michael will hold you with his strength and power. 

Themes we as well can work with; chakras, prayers, mantras, ,ancient tools, stillness of the universe, aura, therapy.

In deep loving way we show you the way, to reach the deeper parts of your heart, so you can experince the hymns of the stillness in your soul.

We look forward to see & guide you deeper into your soul-path  
 ~  Namaste!