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lectures on spirituality

The hidden reality

  with Michael

"Sit down before fact like a child 

be prepared to give up every preconceived notion.

Follow humbly wherever and whatever abyss nature leads,

or you shall learn nothing."

I am pleased to welcome you to my teaching, which is offered to help you awaken and bring an END to the mindless control over the masses of humanity.

it is important more than ever to give a complete understanding about the world, how it is controlled and what is actually being done.

I am offering you a complete picture of how the world and the universe is - seen through the eyes of the spiritual knowledge.

I am touching themes as the spiritual philosophy, politics and its manipulation, the universe & its secrets, the rewriting of our history, archaeological discoveries and their importance, the illnesses of the modern time, modern medicine & its background,, diet/health, the weather manipulation etc.

Many are still caught up in the old way of life. It takes courage to embrace the new. Doors are opening all over our world; doors that has been hidden for a long time about our true history, our origins, etc.

I invite you to be open minded. When you have seen all the evidence you might have a more complete picture of yourself, the world & the universe, and then you can make up your own mind about what is the truth.

"You set the limits of your world. eat your fear like a candy bar. Use it to fuel you way our of the matrix. There is no other way but through" 

"Your whole, undivided presence is the only place from which you can accomplish anything worthwhile. Make every step an act of wonder & every breath a second chance, and sooner or later, before you know it, you will be walking your way home."

I look much forward to see you!