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what is spirituality

Spirituality is in its essence a huge energy that contains infinite love, wisdom about everyone and everything, ultimate peace & freedom. 

everyone and everything is a part of that huge energy - we are all connected - we are all one.

Spirituality is about to walk the path back within our selves to rediscover that energy - to find the origins of balance and love within our hearts.

That huge energy has been throughout the centuries named in many ways as e.g. The universal power, the universe, the universal energy, the light, the source, the God energy or simply God.

The essence of all our religions are based on the truth of that energy. The problem of our world today is that the truth has been misused and then mislead people into a false believe- system.

We, Tanya and Michael are here.  to help the world and humanity to find back to God within our hearts.